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Stupid Web Comic Tricks!

For the past couple of months, the web-comic Melonpool has been quietly spoofing Crisis on Infinite Earths/Infinite Crisis -- without making any overt DC references. They've discovered that all the time-travel in the strip's past has created a multitude of parallel universes, and they're all unstable. They've been trying to use time travel to keep themselves from using time travel, but, of course, that hasn't worked out well.

In the last strip, they figured out a way to completely "reboot the timeline", and left us on a weekend cliifhanger with the "this may kill us all" plan set into motion.

Today's strip has the smouldering protagonist falling from the sky and collapsing.

And no "Back" button to get to the previous strips.

And when you check the strips archives... they're all gone. Broken links. Blank pages.

Scott McCloud must be squealing with glee -- the Infinite Canvas applied to time as well as space.

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