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One for the rats!

For pyat, skorzy, normanrafferty, et al.:

Today, as we were discussing classic science fiction, I remembered a Golden Age Captain Marvel reprint that I really wish I could find for all the rodents out there.

Cap volunteers to help a scientist with a time travel project, and gets sent into the future, to see the Fate of Mankind.

He finds a world ruled by giant, intelligent rats, where human beings run around like savage vermin.

He rescues a human from a trap, and gets involved in their plans to exterminate all the evil rodents.

But, as the story progresses, he grows more and more uncomfortable with the sheer savagery of his rebel associates. Eventually, he discovers that the rodents are cultured and civilized, and the fate of the humans they capture in their man-traps is to be... educated.

Because, you see, there was no horrible atomic war that devastated the globe and left the rats to rule.

Humanity left for the stars, leaving behind only a few stubborn remnants to plague those who inherited the Earth.

Stories like that put the "Golden" in "Golden Age".

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