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Wanted: Good Space RPG Adventure Seeds

I'm going to take the basic premise and perhaps some details from Tri-Tac's old game, Incursion, in which the players are ordinary Earthers from the 21st Century, abducted by aliens, who wind up in charge of an advanced starship -- but without the coordiinates that will take them back home.

Once that's out of the way, it becomes another Small Band Of Adventurers In A Tramp Starship -- with the added perk that Everything Is New.

This is a nice, flexible setting that allows for a wide range of plots, stolen from inspired by any number of sources. I'm using the d20 Modern/Future rules, so I can pretty much tap into the acres and acres of dead trees that have been wasted on D&D and its d20 kin for the last five years or so for Strange Alien Monsters and the like.

My problem?

I'm drawing a blank!

Anyone know of a good source for adventure seeds that I can adapt to my own setting? Anyone have any adventure ideas?

hinoki, since you're playing in this game, I'll whup you upside the head if you read this thread.

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