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TV Review and Recommendation -- Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King

Those of you who watch The SciFi Channel may have seen advertisements for a "SciFi Original Miniseries" called Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King. Some of the ads have said things along the lines of, "Before The Lord of the Rings... before Narnia...", which certainly raised an eyebrow or two on my couch.

Given the dismal record SciFi has for both "SciFi Originals" and my general dissapointment in most "Fantasy", we didn't expect much. We'd seen more than a few ads that were just intriguing enough for us to tune in to something unwatchably bad. Given the cryptic "Before Tolkien" tagline, though, and of course the fact that we have to at least glance at any movie with a dragon in it, we made sure the DVR was going to catch both parts.

Part I aired last night.

It's the tale of Seigfried.

It has Brunehilde, Albrecht, and, of course, the Dragon, Fafnir, who is very well done indeed. There are, as always, liberties taken -- Brunehilde isn't a Valkyrie, for one, but has an equally-significant social standing -- but nothing as egregious as the recent SciFi retelling of the Theseus and the Minotaur that managed to completely leave out any semblance of Greek mythology, or the abomination that was Earthsea.

It has so far proved entirely watchable, and not bad at all.

They're re-running Part I tonight, just before Part II, and have reruns scheduled throughout the upcoming week, so all of you out there in LiveJournal land have plenty of opportunities to catch it. And it's worth the effort.

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