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Welcome to the 31st Century

Phantom Girl, Braniac 5, Saturn Girl, Some Kid In A Cape, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf
Courtesy of the Superman Homepage.

There's a lot of whining on the forums, of course -- "It doesn't look like Timm! It looks too cartoony! What was wrong with the '90s X-Men cartoons? It's new and scary and different!" **Addendum!

Thankfully, they're far enough along in production that this won't turn into another Loonatics.

I think it looks great. It reminds me more of Star Wars: Clone Wars than anything else, and if Clone Wars taught us anything, it was that George Lucas shouldn't be allowed near his creations extremely stylized, "cartoony" design works just fine for "serious" action-adventure.*

Elements that particularly stand out, from left to right:

  • Phantom Girl's khol eyeliner: just enough to be a little "spooky", without going full "I room with Raven and write bad poetry" goth.
  • PG's little ghost-face chest logo. A vast improvement over the great big "P" she wore in the '60s, or the Interlac equivalent she wore in the '80s.
  • Brainiac 5's purple eyes, and the Diniverse Brainiac Pawnshop Discs on his head and chest.
  • Brainy's general design and demeanor. He's smaller than anyone else, and possibly younger, but carries himself with a cool confidence. If that 'tude carries over to the script, we may finally see a "boy genius" character in animation who's not a pathetic loser outcast.
  • Saturn Girl's arched eyebrows and high forehead. Combined with her general demeanor, she looks like a telepath.
  • SG's shoulder pads, hinting that her costume may be lightly armored. Yes! Armor the ego pansy! The Champions player in me approves.
  • That kid in the middle. He looks right. Like he's exactly where he belongs. He actually conveys more of the character's iconic charisma than the Timm design of his adult self. There's a quiet confidence to him, but -- maybe it's just me -- there's a hint of barely-suppressed "This is so cool! I'm in the future! Having adventures in space!" just under the surface.
  • Adding the Legion Belt Buckle to that classic costume works.
  • Garth? Anakin and Harry called. They want their scar back.
  • Seriously, though. Lightning Lad looks solid. The guy you want at your back. The Trusted Lieutenant.
  • Timber Wolf... well, he looks a little confused and lost.

Over all, I'm looking forward to it. It should keep me at least as happy as the uneven first season of Justice League.

*(Honestly, that's a lesson that real animation fans learned more than half a century ago: stylized characters look more "real" when animated than realistically-proportioned ones do. Welcome to Uncanny Valley.)

**Note to Self: Oh, my LiveJournal is a "forum", too, isn't it? Eesh.

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