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From the Sub-lime to the Ridiculous

Well. Conspicuous consumption occasionally results in pure cool: The Phoenix 1000 65-meter Personal Luxury Submarine.

I'm simultaneously disgusted and fascinated. This thing is pure excess. It's bigger than any house I've lived in. It's $78 million dollars. It's not well-suited to either the tourist trade or scientific research. It's got one purpose, and one purpose only: to show off How Bloody Rich You Are.*

Of course, this is exactly the sort of thing that a good RPG requires.

Download the brochure -- there's enough information and deckplans and diagrams to use for any number of nefarious purposes. And unlike the vessel itself, it's gratis!
  • That mastermind in the espionage game needs a travelling headquarters.
  • The PCs in that aquatic superhero game need a base of operations.
  • Keep the same deckplans, but change the sleek 21st-century outer hull, and there's a vessel for the Captain Nemo clone in that Gaslamp Fantasy.
  • Strip the outer hull off entirely, and, look, starship!

You don't have to be a billionaire to enjoy their toys.

*Well, not you, personally. If someone reading this journal actually can afford such a thing, please tap into the loose change in your couch cushions and pay off my student loans in return for the sparkling wit I parcel out to you on an irregular basis.

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