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Fast Food Funk

Two weeks ago, my elder stepdaughter and her significant other moved out.

For the last two years, he's been cooking, she's been doing the dishes. Alas, they've so utterly monopolized the kitchen that squeezing in to make anything more elaborate than a sandwich or a quick zap in the microwave has been nigh-impossible. Significant Other is a decent cook, but his fare tends to be heavy, his portions large, and leftovers plentiful. This meant that lunches at home tended to be microwaved leftovers of heavy meals. My attempts to try to stick to the dietary recommendations of my doctor were less than successful.

For the last two weeks, I've been eating much better and much more lightly. Shopping for five allows much more flexibility than shopping for seven, and five people can keep a kitchen tidier and more accessible than seven. Our son-in-law has been preparing dinners, but his portions tend to be smaller and his food choices lighter. Better still, it is now feasible for quelonzia and I to prepare our own evening meals, independently from the rest of the family.

If I want to eat high-fiber cereal in soy milk for dinner, I can. If I want a smoothie for lunch, I can. And I have.

I've lost 4-5 pounds in the last two weeks. Quel's lost 10.

And then, today, I went to Jack in the Box for an Ultimate Cheeseburger and fries.

I feel wretched.

And I kinda think I felt this way all the time when I was eating crap like this regularly.

In the early '90s, after reading David Brin's Earth, I cut beef from my diet for almost two years.

I think it's time to do that again. Screw Atkin's.

Addendum: On Friday night, we took my folks out to eat at Flame's. I had a friggin' Monte Cristo. You'd think a deep-fried grease bomb like that would have hit me hard, but I was fine.

Addendum: It's ooozing out my pores. I smell like cheap beef grease.

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