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Dental Update

The tooth is a non-issue. I went to bed with my usual pain-relief mix of aspirin and acetominophen. I woke up in the aptly-named "wee hours" to use the bathroom, and realized that the pain was gone.

Ironically, the time was 02:30 -- which is, of course, Tooth Hurty.

When we lived in in Santa Clara, I was seeing Dr. S____ regularly, but when we moved, I looked around for more local doctors. After two years without really settling on anyone else, I finally said to heck with it and made an appointment with Dr. S____ for my annual physical. We caught up, did the usual physical stuff, and, as per normal, set up a blood test.

This morning, I went back for the follow-up visit, where we discussed The Numbers.

My triglycerides and cholesterol are still outside the Ideal Range, but much, much closer than it was two and a half years ago. Since I haven't exactly been a role model of diet and exercise in the interim, it's safe to assume that the difference was due to Omacor, an omega-3 fatty acid supplement that one of the interim physicians had prescribed.

Which is exactly what Dr. S____ did -- with the proper dosage, since the pharmacy had mistaken "2 pills twice a day" for "2 pills a day" with the first 'scrip, and I'd never gotten it corrected. Between the proper dosage, a general improvement in diet, and a determination to exercise more regularly, I should get those numbers into the safe zone shortly.

Dr. S____ hadn't heard of Omacor before I mentioned it, BTW, but I think the numbers impressed him. He'd been having me come in every 3 months or so before, to keep tabs on my cholesterol and triglycerides; this time, he said "we'll check again in a year."

So, it looks like I'm in pretty decent shape.

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