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Well, the Annual Dragon Migration is Thursday.

Tomorrow, our phone gets shut off -- along with our DSL.

quelonzia and I will be digitally incommunicado until ComCast gets the cable modem hooked up at the new place.

The appointment is scheduled for Friday, but no ISP has ever managed to deliver service to us on their first scheduled appointment.

Therefore, I shall be digitally incommuncado until the weekend, at the very least, and possibly for much longer.

If it's more than a few days, I'll take the laptop over to someplace with free wireless and log on from there, but I won't be able to do much besides check the Web and possibly FurryMUCK. Second Life is right out; my poor old Transnote would explode.

Edit: Just to clarify matters, the Transnote is not equipped with ICQ or email, so if you want to communicate with me while we're disconnected (and don't know my cell phone number), leave a message here.

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