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Just a quick note:

Yes, we're moved in. Mostly. There's still a garage full of stuff at the old place, and all the neatly-labeled "kitchen" and "master bedroom" and "living room" boxes got interpreted as "garage, garage, garage". More on that fiasco later.

We have connection. Mostly. Comcast gets brownie points: they actually got everything up and running and functional on the first trip, the day after we moved in, including the VoIP phone line. "On Demand" still doesn't work yet.

Our router isn't playing nice with the new cable modem, though; my system has connection, but Quel's doesn't. Mine is also doing the gotta-click-every-link-twice thing: it spazzes when it can't INSTANTLY find a server. I mean, like, tachyon-speed instantly.

I asked Quel if she wanted to add anything. She muttered something about "get off the computer and help unpack."

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