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I hurt my poor little purple car!

I hurt my poor car today.

quelonzia was meeting with our landlord today, turning in the keys and all that. We'd gotten the place professionally cleaned, in hopes of getting a larger percentage of our security deposit back -- but, since we've taken to scanning all important documents, the receipt was still sitting in my scanner. She called and asked me to bring it to her.

Our new place has a bit of a parking shortage. Someone parked right behind me, blocking my way out -- but a series of scooch-forward-turn-scooch-back-turn-scooch-forward maneuvers let me get out around his stupid ass. Unfortunately, I managed to drive into the hedge to my left more than once. With some degree of force, in at least once instance.

There was an odd rattle as I ran my urgent errands. When I was done, I stopped off at a store for Yet More Errands, looked down, and discovered a sizable puddle of Mysterious Watery Liquid on the floor of the front passenger seat, swamping the floormat and soaking the carpet underneath.

Nothing could have spilled. So something must be leaking. The liquid was either clear or very pale yellow-brown. There was Stuff On The Floor, so it was hard to tell. Any scent was subtle. Your Obedient Serpent wasn't damnfool enough to taste it.

Luckily, our new place is literally across the street from a Ford dealer. (Yes, hinoki, it's that Ford dealer. I took that into account, and decided Walking Distance trumped all concerns.) Iinitially, I made an appointment for tomorrow morning, but at the suggestion of the receptionist, I asked one of the mechanics to take a look at the liquid to see if I should panic yet. He was equally baffled; the one thing he could think of was damage to the heater core, and the carpet on the firewall wasn't wet. However, he wrote up my service ticket and just had me leave the car there.

Just the DIAGNOSTIC is going to be $125. Ow. Right after a move, of course, when we can least afford it. But you know, if it's $125 to hear, "it was just water, we got it up with a shop vac", I'll be delighted.

I hadn't heard back from them as of 7:30 PM, so I'm going to assume they didn't get a chance to look at it. In any case, it's gonna get in Earlier Than Early tomorrow.

Updates forthcoming. I love my little purple car. I hope she's not too badly damaged.

Oh, and I still haven't gotten around to writing up a post about the Move Itself. Give me some time to let the trauma fade.

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