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Say hello to my little friend.

There's a Metamorpho action figure standing on my desk.

He's a little under four and a half inches tall. He's got that stylized, angular Bruce Timm-inspired JLU body -- with a head that looks just like Ramona Fradon's Silver Age artwork. The two styles mesh well together, just as they did in the Justice League episode that finally brought him to television.

I picked him up at Target for three bucks.

I loved the Element Man as a kid, even though I mostly only saw him in reprints. Metamorpho, the Metal Men, the Doom Patrol --those delightful, peculiar, eccentric heroes of the Silver Age.  The '70s had'em, too; there was a time when Man-Bat was a hero, and I thought that was the coolest thing.

If I could have gotten my hands on a Metamorpho figure back then -- even one of the Mego ones, with his exotic motley hide turned into a sewn fabric jumpsuit -- I would have been thrilled.

There's war and pain and destruction on the news. It hit 107F in the shade today. The week before last was so full of upheavals in our family that I'm still not ready to post about it yet.

But there's a Metamorpho action figure standing on my desk. And that makes me smile.

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