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If you were a D&D character, what race would you be?

What race would you be if the DM allowed you to play something other than the standard PH stuff? (From splatbooks, Krynn, Forgotten Realms, the Monster Manual, etc.)
Dragon! Isn't there a d20 version of Council of Wyrms yet? Dragon Magazine had Dragon PC Progression from Levels 1-20 a couple of years ago. Dragon, dagnabbit.

If you were a D&D character, what class would you be?

Would you be in any of the big name campaigns, or a homebrew thing?
Homebrew, unless it's one of the cool, funky third-party settings like City-State of the Invicible Overlord or Blackmoor or even Dragon*Star.

What army would you belong to in Warhammer 40K (assuming you didn't need to be human)?

How about in Warmachine or Hordes?
What about in Wargods of Ancient Aegyptus, or Confrontation?

Don't know those.

If you were in a World of Darkness game that had no crossover elements, which of the game systems would you be in?
WoD 1: Mage: The Ascension.
WoD 2: Promethean.

If you were going to be a character featured in an illustration by a fairly well known fantasy artist (Brom, Larry Elmore, William O'Connor, Todd Lockwood, etc.) who would portray you?
Ursula Vernon or Phil Foglio.

If you were a Werewolf: The Apocalypse character, what tribe and auspice would you be?
Child of Gaia, Ragabash or Galliard

What would you be if your ST allowed you to play something other than Garou? (eg, Ajaba, Corax, etc.)

Do you think that you, yourself, would survive a Call of Cthulhu scenario?
What makes you think I haven't?

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in Middle-Earth?
The Shire. They have the best beer.

If you could be a superhero, would it be in Marvel, or DC, or would you prefer to be in manga or Dark Horse movie tie-ins? DC. Preferably Pre-Crisis.

If you had mutant powers in the Marvel Universe, would you follow Xavier or Magneto, or would you try to stay independent of both?

Similarly, which artist would you most want to draw your books?
Jack Kirby or Walt Simonson.

If you could be any variety of dinosaur, what would it be?

If you had to be in one of the Star Trek variants, which of the shows would you be in?
The Animated Series.

If you had to be in a sitcom, which one would you be in?
The one where this guy goes from being a bachelor to a grandfather in the space of a year, and winds up with all his stepkids and grandkids living under one roof. I never miss an episode.

If you could be in any genre movie, what would you most want to be in? know, most genre movies are kinda sucky places to live.
Oh, did you mean any genre OF movie? Space Opera or Superhero, most assuredly.

If you could have anything in your burial that you wanted, just to baffle and amuse future archaeologists, what would it be?
Green glowing rocks and a Superman costume.

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