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MEME: Come up with the ultimate '70s cartoon!

It was one of those weird flashes you get when you roll out of bed after a poor night's sleep:

Somehow, Filmation missed a bet with their animated version of Gilligan's Island.

They should have made the cast(aways) teenagers, who travel around on their floating island, solving mysteries. That would have been the Ultimate '70s Cartoon!

'70s Saturday Morning Cartoons were cheesy, cheap, bowdlerized, and formulaic. If you suffered through the decade, or watched Boomerang before they started running out of nostalgia, you know the cliches as well as you know the secret identities and pointless flamboyant crimes of superhero comics.

So... you're a Network Executive in the '70s, stuck in the ghetto of Children's Programming! What brilliant idea do you pitch for the Fall of '76?

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