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Resolution 2001

I only have one this year:

Get off my ass.

That pretty much covers everything:
  • Take walks and get exercise.
  • Dive into temp work again.
  • Push to get the elusive Real Job.
  • Hammer on the long-stalled Elkhorn Slough paper.
  • Learn the basics of graphics software (starting with The GIMP), for both personal and professional purposes.
  • Draw more.
  • Work on the Web Comic.
  • Waste less time on the computer.
    • Be more productive with my computer time.
    • Spend less time just vegging and procrastinating.
Generally, though, it just means Do More With My Time and Stop Letting The Sands Just Trickle Through The Hourglass.

I've removed my comfy desk chair into another room entirely and put my exercise ball in front of my computer. The continual balancing act is good for one's back, and I'll have to get up every so often to take a break.

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