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Yet Another RPG Meme

1) Who was your first roleplaying character?
Other than a couple of one-shot warm-ups, my first real characters were Drakewynne, a human fighter, and Erbec, a tiger-sized dragon called a "firedrake". With one or two exceptions, I always played them as a team.

2) What game did this character appear in?
Dungeons & Dragons, shortly before it became Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition.

3) Name one of your more interesting roleplay characters that you have had, but do not play anymore and tell us a little about them.
Nikulai Grigorovich, Baron Niktopolion of House Zvonimir, Diplomat Without Portfolio to his Imperial Majesty, Don Fabrizio di Rinaldi of Calabria -- but his friends call him "Lord Nik". Lord Nik was a Diplomat in Ironclaw, a Renaissance-Era Anthropomorphic Fantasy that I may have mentioned in passing. He was a Bat, and I thoroughly enjoyed role-playing the thought processes of a flying, echolocating race (as well as expounding on the virtues of insectivore cuisine). His diplomatic skills were frighteningly effective at times.

4) Why do you not play them anymore?
Technically, that game's just "on hiatus". Sure, it's been a long hiatus, but if Futurama can come back...

5) What is one of the more funny moments a character of yours has been involved in?
In a Gamma World game, I played a mutant snake, while another player was playing a mutant panther. We got into a disagreement of some sort, and he folded his arms and glared at me, both in game and at the table. I glared right back, and we just sat there for a minute.

  • Him: "It's not easy to stare down a cat."
  • Me: "Snakes don't have eyelids."

    6) What do you normally play?
    Normally, I play the abnormal. If there's a really unusual character race available, I'll probably zero right in on it. If there's not, I'll either try to finagle something custom, or find some other way to distinguish myself. In fantasy games, I play dragons and intelligent dinosaur-people. In Dark Sun, I played a Thri-Kreen. In Vampire, I played a werespider. In superhero games, I play fire-breathing dragons or weird aliens. In Ironclaw, a game where everyone is an animal-person, I played a Bat, a leaf-nosed, night-flying bug-eater who saw with his ears.

    A surprising number of these oddballs are poets, scientists, diplomats, or any combination thereof -- especially the ones who are physically formidable monstrosities.

    7) Are you the dungeon master normally?
    I DM'ed in high school, but in the last 15 years, I've only Hosted a single game that lasted more than three sessions.

    8) Do you think you should run games more often or less often?
    I'm not sure it's possible to run games less often than I do without deliberately breaking up other people's games so I can get my score into the negatives.

    9) What was the last roleplay character you made?
    A multi-classed Half-Elf Rogue-Warlock for D&D 3.5. Surprisingly mainstream for one of my characters, until you discover that his signature magic item is a Great Big Book.

    10) What kind of creature almost always turns up in the games you play?
    Dragons, dinosaurs or other scaly critters. More often than not, if the GM isn't throwing them at us, I'm playing one.

    11) What's the strangest character that you have seen in a game?
    Geddy, the Transvestite Bard.

    12) If the players in the campaign end up in the bar do they ever leave?
    My characters usually wind up owning the bar.
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