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I do not recall asking for this birthday present.

Grumble grumble grumble,

For the last year or two, my favorite radio station has been KMAX 95.7, whose format has been "'70s, '80s, or whatever we feel like", with a minimum of talk and a station breaks featuring an amusing mascot character vaguely reminiscent of Jim Backus's various personae. One of their taglines was "we broke into your house and raided your CD collection", and, well, that's pretty accurate.

Currently, 95.7 is playing a synthesized voice counting down to tomorrow morning... and, alas, their site confirms that there's a format change coming.

This would be irksome in any event, but for it to occur on my birthday... that's just rude.

As a goth Keanu Reeves would say... "Woe."

Overcoming the pain of this tragic loss, I'd like to thank everyone who sent birthday greetings my way. Thank you!
Tags: spirit of radio

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