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Have you had your BLAM today?

Snark's Law of Genre Humor: You can't have Good Funny SF unless you start with Good SF first.
This is why Spaceballs falls flat while Galaxy Quest rocks.
Too often, particularly on the Web, people crank out "parodies" that are really just lame, second-rate stories with lame, second-rate jokes. Sometimes, they don't even to include the jokes -- "parody" is a cheap and easy way to excuse derivative drivel.

Howard Taylor's Schlock Mercenary is both Good Science Fiction and Very Funny.

If you haven't been reading it, you've been missing the single best science fiction comedy-adventure series currently on the Web. Actually, given the poor state of television space opera, it's a strong candidate for Best Ongoing SF Series in any medium.

You're about to have a rare opportunity, however. Sunday, March 9th will mark the 1,001st strip*, and the strip will start a whole new storyline -- one intended to let new readers jump in as if it were the very first strip.

*no, that link won't work until after the strip is posted -- but this one will:


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