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I recently noticed that a friend of mine hadn't shown up on FurryMUCK for just over a week. All the mystery shows I watch seem to have rubbed off, as I quickly put together some clues:

  • His last day on was Monday, March 3d.

  • Wednesday the 5th was the first day of Lent

  • The friend in question observes such holidays.

So, I dropped him a line asking (in all seriousness) if he'd given up FurryMUCK for Lent. I got a response in the affirmative. He observed further that, without the MUCK, he had more energy, more enthusiasm, and was finding Other Stuff To Do: reading more, writing more, getting outside and enjoying the weather.

Well, Your Obedient Serpent wouldn't have to find Other Stuff To Do. I have plenty of stuff that I need to do, and plenty more that I want to do. Next week is Spring Break, and the following week, the first draft of my capstone is due. I have at least two web comic projects that I want to develop, one in conjunction with dewhitton. I want to draw, I need to write, I need to continue packing up the lair in preparation for our post-graduation move in May... and I nonetheless spend hour upon hour every day on the MUCK, often as two or three characters simultaneously, immersed in mindless chatter, playing silly scenes, or, worst of all, just hanging around waiting for Someone Interesting To Log On.

Despite my best intentions, I almost never manage to multi-task successfully when I'm online from home. From the lab is another matter, and my "At Work Alt" will probably keep popping in now and then just to keep up with things -- and to help keep me focused during those long hours of GIS work. Those of you who Need To Know that particular secret identity already do.

So... what the heck. This is exactly the time I should go cold turkey on that particular flavor of online crack. I'm a week late to cover all of Lent, but really, Lent is just an excuse. It's a positive form of peer pressure. It provides some level of social and psychological support, and is a well-defined period. "I'm quitting the MUCK until Easter." As I discovered in Boot Camp, I can do anything if I know when it ends.

Now let's see how long my willpower holds out....

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