Your Obedient Serpent (athelind) wrote,
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I'm lonely.
I miss my friends.
I have no life offline.

Withdrawl's starting to kick in with a vengeance this morning. Yes, there are dozens of things I could be doing, but... Orange Dragon needs MUCK badly. Not gonna succumb, not gonna succumb. Gonna sit down and do... Other Stuff. Yeah, that's it. Other stuff. I've already had fun figuring out how to fancify that "I'm lonely" text up there.

I can...

Work on my Web pages!
Try to figure out JAlbum!
Catch up on my e-mail backlog!
Clean the garage!
Read science papers for work and my capstone!

I can do all kinds of stuff!

And I'm gonna. Right now. Soon as I finish reading my LJs.

Can't MUCK, geeks will get me... Can't MUCK, geeks will get me... Can't MUCK, geeks will get me...

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