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Doctor's Check-Up: Results

Looks like my adjusted eating habits (I refuse to call it a "diet") have done the trick. Not only have I dropped 20-plus pounds since May, my blood numbers are VASTLY improved:

Test Reference 05/09/07 08/22/07
Cholesterol 125-200 233 178
Triglycerides <150 149 74
VLDL Chol. 5-35 30 15
LDL Chol <130 169 129
HDL Chol >40 34 34
Chol/HDL ratio <= 5.0 6.9 5.2

Still need to work on getting the good cholesterol (HDL) up -- more exercise is the recommendation. I'm most pleased overall, though, and my doctor was really impressed by the turnaround.

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