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WHEEEEEE! Who needs roller coasters when you have FAULTLINES?

We just had a decent-sized quake here in the South Bay:

Quake Map

I was surprised that it was only a 5.6. The only other time I've experienced this much shaking that lasted this long -- more than a minute -- was during the Loma Preita quake of '89. I keep forgetting that I was more than sixty miles from the epicenter of that quake -- I was maybe 12-15 miles from this one. The waves were long and rolling, and we heard a deep, low rumble over the rattling and shaking of the house and furnishings. There's no structural damage that I can see, and nothing fell over.

For Bay Area folks who want to keep tabs on recent quakes:

So, to pick on the two people I can think of who are new to the area: susandeer, bigtig, what did you think? Was this a trick, or a treat?

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