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I can call it a "Memory Bank", right?

All right, wish me luck.

After weeks... okay, MONTHS... of procrastinating, I'm finally going to shut down my desktop machine, yank its almost-decade-old 20-gig C: drive, plug in a new 320-gig drive, and install Ubuntu. All in one swell foop.

My laptop is up and running, so I'll still have web access and access to FurryMUCK if things go south.

Unfortunately, my long-time ICQ account may go bye-bye. I simply can't change my password on ICQ -- it stubbornly refuses to send new passwords to the email address it shows in the frakkin' Personal Details.

I have one possible Gordian solution, though: I'm using an old, old version of ICQ, because all the subsequent ones suck.

(No, I'm not using Trillian or whatever... because I can't remember my blippin' password.)

It's possible that the protocols for stuff like password confirmations have changed.

So... maybe... if I download the latest version, it'll read all the stuff from my OLD copy, and transfer it over, and then let me CHANGE stuff because IT has the right protocol.

And if it eats my old ICQ and doesn't do what I want it to do -- WHO CARES? I'm without my preferred version of an IM client that I don't even use much these days, on a HARD DRIVE THAT WON'T EVEN BE IN MY COMPUTER ANYMORE.
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