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The Hoard Potato: The Spirit of Radio

So what am I doing now that I'm wasting less time online?

Well, I finally got our stereo set up in the bedroom/office.

It's nice to have music that doesn't demand system resources. I'm listening to Greg Kihn on KFOX. Kihn does a lot of live stuff on his morning show, showcasing new bands in the area. This morning, he's just noodling with some friends, composing a song on-air, and laughing because the melody keeps trying to turn into "Wonderful World".

This is something that MP3s can't offer. Sometimes, I like to hear stuff I don't own, in an order I didn't select but isn't purely random (or pseudo-random). I like to hear new stuff. I like to hear the unrehearesed and the spontaneous.

This is what I miss about MTV and VH1, back in the early-to-mid '80s, when they played music 24/7. I love music videos -- the ones that tell a story, rather than just show a bunch of guys banging on their instruments. I miss having a source of background music with interesting visuals. Having to wait for a specific two-hour Music Video show squeezed in between the game shows and retrospectives just isn't the same -- nor is Video On Demand, where you have to spend as much time navigating the menus to cue up a new song as you do listening and watching.

I don't know how the MTV channels stick around and multiply -- I honestly don't know anyone who watches what they show. Even people who weren't BORN when MTV actually showed music videos complain that it doesn't show music videos anymore.

But, que sera, sera. I still have radio.

And I like radio.
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