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Further Confusion 2008!

I'm only getting my Con report up now because the Con didn't really end for me until last night, when I dropped jirris_midvale off at the airport.

FC08 was great, over all. AMAZINGLY well-run -- both the Masquerade and Furry Night Live (the Variety Show) started on time, which is pretty well unprecedented. I missed the Masquerade (for reasons explained below), but this was easily the best FNL that FC's ever produced. The acts were great, and interspersing them with the videos was excellent. The stage Ninjas were brilliant, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the shiny new... chair!

We hit several panels, and I gave three panels, myself. The Gryphon panel was new this year, and I was astounded at the turn-out, especially since it was opposite the Masquerade. Many thanks to yourbob and eclipsegryph; you guys were great co-panelists. 'Clips even managed to out-talk me.

Despite that, quelonzia and I were... um... a little bored.

"It's not you, it's us." Really. The con itself was great, but our recent anti-social streak left us feeling... detached. A few years ago, we decided that we were going to stop spending so much of our con time "herding cats", getting big groups together for fancy meals. After a couple of years of "oh, we already ate" and such, people just started assuming that Athe and Quel Aren't Interested In Meal Runs -- and so we wound up not really catching up with anyone.

Really, we kinda suck as friends.

So... we showed up at the Job Fair on Monday, and volunteered for Staff positions next year. That'll get us a lot more involved

I'm also going to try to get a costume ready. I'm setting aside the Big Elaborate Dragon-Things for a somewhat more modest starter concept. More on that later... maybe. I might keep it under wraps as a surprise.

(Oh, and that cold from the week before the Con was another 24-hour thing. This is just weird; I don't get those, but I've gotten three since moving into this new rental house.)

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