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My bladder receives cell phone signals.

I keep my cell phone in a pocket on my belt pouch. When I'm wearing it, I will frequently be aware of slight vibrations -- the first few times it happened, I thought I was getting a call, and wondered why the ring tone wasn't going off along with the vibrate. I quickly realized that these vibrations were much lower-level than the phone's vibrate-ring.

I don't notice them when my phone is in my pants pocket, and I don't have "phantom vibrations" when the phone's not in the belt pouch. I can't detect a hint of them when I'm holding the phone in my hand.

It MAY just be an awareness of pressure, or the antenna poking into my hide. There might be a blood vessel right about there, and having something sitting on top of it lets me feel the pulse.

It's very strange.

Hmmm. I just swapped my keys and my cell phone, and now I'm "receiving" the same vibration from my KEYCHAIN. That suggests that the "blood vessel" explanation is correct.

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