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Weekly Geekly.

Name: Edwin Wendell Dean III.
Alias: Athelind Stormdancer, The Boojum Snark
Years roleplaying: 25.
Favourite three characters? Lados Nightflame (pre-first-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), DragonLord (Champions), Ezekiel Wayland Delameter (Mage).
Least favourite character? The Beacon (GURPS Supers). I just never got into his personality.
Male or female characters? Usually male, with a few exceptions.
Oldest character? Other than a couple of throw-aways to get the feel for this new-fangled "Dragons and Dungeons" stuff, my first real characters were Erbec the Firedrake and Drakewynne Silverblade, who were mostly AD&D first edition.
Newest character? Johnny Riot (Mutants & Masterminds)
Most popular character? Everybody Loved Lados. Except for the people who despised him. There was no real middle ground...
Character you've never played? Ooh, that's a long list. Let's leave it at Johnny Riot (M&M) and Irwin Twospears (Ironclaw) for now.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...

Jump off a bridge? Verian d'Avalon, from AD&D 1e. Of course, Verian had an artifact that brought him back to life when he was killed, so he did a lot of stuff like that.
Get drunk and pass out? Trollslayer Sam (GURPS Fantasy, Warhammer FRPG)
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way? Benedict "Benjie" Bishonen (Vampire: The Masquerade -- though he was a werespider).
Get Married: Chimaerus Demonsblood (AD&D 1e)
Be far too hyper for their own good? Verian d'Avalon.
Rape somebody? GAH! None of'em.
Be raped? Not likely for any of'em.
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Drakewynne Silverblade.
Get lung cancer? Zonker Cousteau (Traveller). Cosmic radiation, solar flares, and fusion guns aside, the captain of the ship smoked a pipe.
Star in a horror movie? SlitherSting (Multi-Genre GURPS) -- as the Misunderstood Monster.
Star in a whore movie? Benjie Bishonen.
Star in a video game? SlitherSting! Neat visuals, nasty weaponry.
Make the world a better place? Ezekiel DeLameter.
Have a torrid gay love affair? Benjie. I mean, this was Vampire, after all.

Relate each word to a character of yours:
Love: Drakewynne Silverblade.
Hate: Benjie Bishonen.
Money: (Name Forgotten) (GURPS Fantasy) -- he was the son of a merchant who got thrown out of the university when his father's fortune collapsed. He didn't trust money, because it had betrayed him and destroyed his family.
Seduction: Simorgis Viridian (Fantasy Hero, GURPS Fantasy)
Lies: Benjie Bishonen.
Tragedy: Oh, Benjie was sure to end badly, and he knew it.
Manipulation: Benjie again.
Violence: SlitherSting. 'Sting had the Disadvantage of "Self-Defense Pacifism", meaning that he would never attack first. If you attacked him, however, he had no qualms in removing you from the face of the multiverse with Massive Overkill, using the most lethal technology he could lay his talons on. He hated combat, and figured that the best way to end a fight quickly was to end it definitively.
Politics: Benjie yet again.
Fire: Shalthur Soultempest (AD&D 1e)
Ice: Lados Nightflame.

Would you ever...
Play a prostitute? Depends on the culture, honestly.
Play a musician? And have done so, many times.
Play a pilot? Done.
Play a homosexual? You know, in most games, it never actually comes up.
Play a pedophile? Not only no but hell no. Multiculturalism only goes so far.
Play a politician? Yes!!
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut? No.

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