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After six weeks, our houseguest left this morning, returning to the East Coast.

I immediately got hit with the wave of creative energy that I'd been expecting to experience when I gave up the MUCK for Lent.

He and Quel left at 4:30 to catch his plane, and, despite repeated attempts to get back to sleep, I found myself up and working on my capstone by 6:30.

I don't think it was really him, per se. I have a hard time concentrating and writing when someone else is around, even if they're quietly coccooned in their room on the other side of the lair. When I'm writing, I pace, I talk to myself, I growl at my data, I randomly get up and do dishes and laundry and clean the bathroom whenever I need to think. The presence of another person, for some reason, can disrupt all that.

Quel's about the only exception, and I even have trouble working around her most of the time. That's why she seldom actually sees me doing homework unless a deadline is involved -- most of the time, I try to get it done before she gets home. You'd think that when she brings work home and telecommutes, it would be an ideal time for both of us to work -- but she talks to herself and swears at her data, too.

And neither of us mutter, either. It's a full-fledged conversational tone of voice. Two of us at once would be nigh-intolerable.
The Music Choice for this entry has nothing to do with the above. It just happened to be playing on the CD player. Really.

Of course, the Imminent Deadline (3PM Thursday) probably has something to do with the sudden burst of activity, as well -- but I can't help thinking that it would have hit sooner if I'd had the lair to myself.

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