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The following is not the sound of a fat lady singing:

The House has voted to send the impeachment resolution to legislative purgatory committee.

All 166 votes in favor of opening up a House impeachment debate came from Republicans, apparently eager to paint Democrats as political creatures in a time of serious issues. Kucinich voted with his party, against his own measure.

And what "serious issues" might those be?

The ongoing war that was founded on lies and deception?

The continued degradation of our freedoms in the name of preserving them?

The plummeting dollar, driven into the toilet by this deficit-funded conquest?

The skyrocketing price of gasoline, conveniently timed to draw attention away from our oil-funded oligarchy?

These are, indeed, serious issues.

Why, then, should we not bring charges against those culpable?

This changes nothing that I've said in the last three days. Keep badgering your Congressmen; keep putting pressure on them all. Let them know that the actions of this man and his cronies cannot go unanswered.

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