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Transnote Art!

Well, after having the thing for nearly a year, I've finally started trying to draw seriously with my IBM TransNote -- the laptop computer with the magical pad that lets me draw in ink and instantly digitizes it.

I've entered the Artist's Ambush on FurryMUCK a couple of times with quickie TransNote sketches, but tonight, I sat down to actually draw something.

Here's Lados, one of my oldest characters. Once upon a time, he was a scaly* intelligent dinosaur -- but as paleontology advanced over the decades and more and more evidence accumulated, he acquired... plumage. Originally, it was just a feathery crest, but now, it seems like every time I draw him, he gets fluffier and fluffier.

And he's got a mullet. A feathery anime mullet, but it's a mullet, all right. Of course, my human has one, too.

The arms are REALLY messy -- that's a combination of a difficult pose, an attempt to fix pencil oversights with the (digitizing) ink pen, and the Transpad's own little quirks. I started forward and worked my way back, and I think it kinda shows -- those legs look a LOT better than the arms, and much to my surprise, I found that I could manage some degree of shading with the TransNote pen (which has no pressure sensitivity of any kind).

*Just for reference, here's a much, much older picture of Lados. Ignore the date on the pic -- that's when it got SCANNED. The original drawing is circa '86 or '87. I've gotten pretty rusty in the intervening years....

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