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A needle pulling thread.

So, last week, we recorded Doctor Who on the DVR, but, since it was the first part of a two-parter, we didn't watch it right away. Instead, we saved it for tonight, so we could watch all three hours of the season finale back to back.

So, we sit through the first hour. Whee! Yeah, it's effin' Daleks again, and Rose Tyler is more Mary Sue than ever, but it's fun and frenzied and ends on a terrific cliffhanger.

So... we start the recording of tonight's episode... and it's all jerky and full of digital artifacts and we keep losing important dialogue.

So, I hastily set up the DVR to record the show again, at midnight, on Sci Fi's low-def, West Coast feed.

So, hopefully, THAT won't get fucked up.

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