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Because of a progression of shipping-related Coyote Moments at work, I wound up both opening and closing the store, racking up a 10 1/2 hour workday (plus an hour of lunch).

When I finally got home, I found myself in the dread condition of Too Exhausted To Sleep, but finally managed to conk out some time after midnight.

This morning, some time between 0600 and 0615, the grandspawn's alarm went off.

Note that the grandspawn is down in Los Angeles for the weekend.

Note further that his alarm not only never goes off on the weekend, but usually doesn't go off during the week.

Your Obedient Serpent is enough of an asshole to go out, find the cheapest, loudest alarm clock he can, and hide it somewhere in the kid's room next Saturday morning.

Suggestions and recommendations are welcome. The louder the better.

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