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A tournament, tournament, a tournament of lies.

Brownie points for anyone who can identify the source of the title...

You know, given the current levels of Pure-D Armageddon Potential in the world today, I'm surprised we aren't hearing more about what the various millennial cults are up to. Where are all the Earth Changes people? The Branch Davidians? Heaven's Gate? Didn't Nostradamus have anything to say about all this? Why aren't more of the Lunatic Fringe waving their arms and singing, "Told you so! Told you so! Neener neener neener!"?

Is it because they'd just sound too rational these days? Or just too banal?

Or is it because we've got good, Baptist millennialists running the show right now? Ronald Reagan, patron saint of the current junta, made no secret of his millennial leanings.

Maybe there's a method to the Madness of King George. Maybe he's not clueless to the possibility that this little surgical strike in the Holy Land could erupt into the Last Crusade. Maybe he sees himself as the instrument of Divine Will.
That's right, Divine Will, illegitimate offspring of cross-dresser Divine and conservative commentator George Will.

Self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone?

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