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The Hoard Potato: Another One Bites The Dust

Wow. The Eleventh Hour scored a new record. quelonzia and I almost killed it before the opening credits. I don't think we made it a full three minutes past them, though. The no-holds-barred, unequivocal stridency of HUMAN CLONING IS BAD BAD BAD pissed us off instantly. Hearing "abomination" tossed around lightly sets both of our teeth on edge.

It just seemed like the rationale was "cloning is illegal, so it must be bad". It's like it was trying to provide a fictionalized support for the Administration's anti-research stance in the same way that they use 24 to justify their enthusiasm for torture.

So that's four new genre shows down.

And, yeah, part of it is that we simply have too many hours of television programmed into the DVR -- even with all we've dumped, we still have 14 hours a week recording.

Well, that assumes that we don't drop My Own Worst Enemy and Crusoe after we see their premieres.

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