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Rapping about Wrapping

My last post prompted a lot of comments and suggestions about Creative and Alternative Gift Wrapping -- foofers in particular had some cool ideas.

I've used Newspaper of course; it's a classic -- especially the Sunday funnies. Alas, since I no longer read a newspaper regularly, it wouldn't count as "re-use" -- I'd be buying it specifically for wrapping!

On the other claw, the idea of using an Asian-language paper is kind of cool. Goodness knows we have a bunch of them around here.

I've also used Maps -- or, to be more specific, nautical charts. Yes, those things are expensive, but they also get updated constantly. When I was in the Coast Guard, we constantly had a stack of obsolete charts left out for whoever wanted to grab them. I had wrapping paper for YEARS afterwards.

Foofs mentioned finding movie film cans at a thrift store. I like the idea of "wrapping" that's a useful or interesting article in and of itself. You know those big metal cans of nasty, sticky caramel corn that you always find this time of year? Those make great presents, just because the cans are so useful. Same with those cookie tins. I think I need to be on the lookout for that sort of thing -- and big, drawstring bags, too.

I've used coffee cans in the past, but they tend to need additional wrapping, or they look pretty hobo. The new, plastic kind are actually really good present containers -- though, again, they still need wrapping. Oh, and whichever kind you use, wash'em out really well, or your presents will smell like stale coffee FOREVER.

Remember when L'eggs panty hose came in big plastic eggs? We used those for all kinds of presents.

Hee hee hee. I should find some kind of cheap lock-boxes, and use THOSE for the Unauthorized Personnel's presents -- then give him the keys, one at a time, whilst playing Santa on the morning of the 25th.

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