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Indiana Jones and the Running Joke

Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table column in Pyramid really lived up to its name on June 22, 2001*, when he related One Of Those Conversations that spawned the following:

With the most recent release of the Indiana Jones Trilogy on VHS (where the heck are those DVDs?!?), they changed the name of Raiders of the Lost Ark to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Sure, it has the grace and style of a wounded possum trying to crawl its way across the remainder of the street, but at least it's got that intellectual property name in there, right?

Anyway, try plugging Indiana Jones and the onto other movie titles; see what results!

Ideally, in my mind, it should be something that evokes a sense of adventure and wonder, and hopefully sounds suitably pulp-y (even if the movie "IJat..." is appended to doesn't have anything to do with pulp).

Mr. Marsh then provided a list of titles that got me snickering.

Of course, this kind of meme will eventually reassert itself in one's mind, so, lacking sufficient sleep and under the influence of antihistimenes, I prowled over to my DVD rack in search of appropriate titles... and now I must share, that the meme may propagate and infect my Loyal Readers. All five of you.

  • Indiana Jones and the Time Machine

  • Indiana Jones and the Mission to Mars

  • Indiana Jones and the Dunwich Horror

  • Indiana Jones and the Fistful of Dollars

  • Indiana Jones and the Thirteenth Floor

  • Indiana Jones and the Sixth Sense

  • Indiana Jones and the Lathe of Heaven

  • Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Planet

  • Indiana Jones and the Princess Bride

  • Indiana Jones and the Sixth Sense

  • Indiana Jones and the Nightmare before Christmas

  • Indiana Jones and the Bicentennial Man

  • Indiana Jones and the 39 Steps

  • Indiana Jones and the Maltese Falcon

  • Indiana Jones and the Man Who Knew Too Much

  • Indiana Jones and the Grave of the Fireflies

  • Indiana Jones and the Dark City

  • </li>

And my personal favorite...

  • Indiana Jones and the Emperor's New Groove

Come on, play along. I await your comments. And no, you don't have to comment about how terminally geeky I am -- that remains evident.

*Yes, I know you can't get to the column link if you don't subscribe to Pyramid. Wah.

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