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12 January 2009 @ 08:44 am
This one's for ceruleanst.  
Margarasmargaras on January 12th, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
That's quite cool.
Araquan Skytraceraraquan on January 12th, 2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
K. Pease: ambigramceruleanst on January 12th, 2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
Yep, that's a good one. Always wondered whose it was, but I imagine the work-for-hire contract doesn't even allow them to say.

That and the Paul McCartney one, which I think I could have done better.
Your Obedient Serpent: big ideasathelind on January 12th, 2009 11:25 pm (UTC)
This is one of the best I've seen, because you don't really NOTICE that it's an ambigram. It just looks like fancy, funky script until you see that upside-down "the".

I mean, I'm STARING RIGHT AT IT, and I have to cock my head to see how they pulled off that "cess" ligature in the middle.
Rikoshi Kisaragi: ...the FUCK?!rikoshi on January 12th, 2009 06:02 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, my brain just imploded in the most awesome way!
Arcaton: farragoduetr_caton on January 12th, 2009 10:17 pm (UTC)
mythos_amantemythos_amante on January 13th, 2009 03:31 am (UTC)
DUDE that is SO COOL
Taverenstaverens on January 13th, 2009 09:32 am (UTC)
Awesome cover art