Your Obedient Serpent (athelind) wrote,
Your Obedient Serpent

Writer's Block: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post)

You finally have an excuse to use it—what userpic do you not get to use very often but can't delete because it's just that awesome?

I've been reserving this icon for posts about my Epic Sci-Fantasy Space Opera, chock full of dragons and dead gods and scaly goblins and slave girls who become queens. I've been noodling around with this setting and these characters for decades now, but I never seem to be able to sit down and pull the pieces together.

That's right. It's my Magnum Opus.

Icon (and pun) courtesy of Dandy & Company's Derrick Fish.
Tags: magnum opus, rune star tapestries, userpics, writer's block

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