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11 September 2009 @ 08:58 pm
New User Icon: Variations on a Theme  
For the first time in years, I've changed my default icon. I've had that CGI shot of myself that Callsfire did for me since I-Don't-Know-When, but when I saw this shot of a crocodilian eye, I knew I needed to appropriate it.

It's become something of a motif, you see:

Eye of the Dragon My new default icon, the eye of an as-yet unidentified reptile. Saurian eye 'midst gold and purplish scales? That's Your Obedient Serpent, lookin' right atcha.

Source: The Weasel King.
Eye of the Sky God Somewhere in my long list of Campaigns I've Never Run is The Eye of the Sky God, a Barsoom-inspired Planetary Romance set amongst the Moons of Jupiter. I need to dig that one out; it's totally Steampunk.

Source: NASA?
Voight-Kampf Test The Voight-Kampf Test screen from Blade Runner.
Eye of Agammotto The Eye of Agammotto, Dr. Strange's amulet. I use this one for mystical/surrealist entries.

Source: The Lesser Book of the Vishanti.
RCA Magic Eye An old RCA Victor ad, touting their "Magic Eye" and "Magic Brain" tuning technology. It's my "Weird Science/Technology" icon.


Other than the Magic Eye, they even have similar color schemes. I particularly like the similarity between the Dragon Eye and the Eye of the Sky God; rotate the Red Spot a few degrees counter-clockwise, and they'd line right up.

The Red Spot and the V-K Test are relatively recent additions; I need to start using them more, I think.

I feel: geekygeeky
Stalbonstalbon on September 13th, 2009 04:06 am (UTC)
It's almost certainly a goanna or monitor lizard, as crocodilians have slit pupils amidst lighter-colored (usually sandy gold) irises. The ridges and scutes about the eye are remiscent of crocodilians or caimans, though.