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Gang, give up on trying to use any of the e-mails until we can find a new domain host.

quelonzia knows more about the situation than I do, but, as far as I can gather, the owner of Feature*Price, our current domain host, had a nervous breakdown or something, and just... walked away. Told the employees to take what they wanted, and just... left. Closed up shop. Shut the doors.

The web site is still up and running for the time being, but from the reports, that appears to be because the servers are locked up in the old Feature*Price building, just waiting for the power company to shut the electricity off....

We're two weeks without mail, and there's nobody there to fix it. And, of course, we're about to move -- given our druthers, we'd ruther get a connection that will let us run our own servers out of our own home. Still, the move is almost a month away -- we can't just sit around for a month with no private e-mail.

Especially not when I'll be job-hunting! Ack.

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