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The Hoard Potato is gonna need a bigger boat.

After eight seasons, queloniza has finally given up on Smallville, walking out at the 45-minute mark on the Season Premiere. "It finally jumped the shark," she said, though honestly, it's spent more time on the far side of the tank than an RV full of retirees spends in Florida.

I'm going to keep watching it, at least for a while; as someone who works in a comic book store, it's almost a job requirement. I thought Season 8 was a lot better than the previous two or three, despite the loss of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex (which, honestly, was Quel's real shark-jumping moment); Season 9, on the other claw, is starting off a bit rough.

Not many shows stay on the DVR timer long if only one of us is watching; the last one was Ghost Whisperer, which lost me at the Obvious Shark-Jumping Point last November; Quel stubbornly stuck with it, but didn't make it to the season finale.

Scoreboard thus far:

New Shows:
Flash Forward has our attention. Good cast, intriguing premise, lots of mystery.

The Forgotten failed to grab us by the 45-minute mark. It more than failed to grab us, really; much as we wanted to watch Christian Slater after the ignominious cancellation of the smarter, snappier version of Dollhouse, the show dragged, and we just couldn't see watching this band of amateurs bumble around week after week. The premise might have made a good movie, but as a weekly series, it seems contrived and implausible.

That's right, some one who's watched every single season of Smallville just accused a show of being contrived and implausible.

Eastwick may have hit a new record: we didn't make it to the 20-minute mark before deleting the timer.

We made it through the full premiere of The Vampire Diaries, but ultimately, it was just too teenybopper for us.

Returning Shows:
We'll be catching up on the premieres of our Police Procedurals on Sunday. As for the other shows on our current list:

Castle remains fun and fluffy. It's the kind of silly, throwback Cute Detective show that we'd normally roll our eyes and ignore, but, you know. Nathan Fillion.

Heroes looks like it's heading into its best season ever. The writers have finally fond their footing, and have a definite direction.

Finally... Supernatural continues to rock. It has never, ever jumped the shark; Sam and Dean just dove right into the tank and made sushi out of that bad boy.

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