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Film at 11: Fulmination

In response to yet another BoingBoing article about TASER Abuse, I offered the following comment:

Please remember that "TASER" is a registered trademark of TASER International.

The continuous and increasing use of "taser" as a generic term risks trademark dilution and the commensurate devaluation of TASER International's business interests.

I would like to submit the more descriptive and accurate term, "AGONY GUN", as an acceptable substitute.

As a Star Trek fan, I did, of course, consider "Agonizer" as my suggested alternative, but I thought "Agony Gun" carried more of the desired semantic connotations.

Other Rejected Terms:

  1. Pain Lance
  2. Neurolash
  3. Electric Scourge
  4. Torment Pistol
  5. Convulsionator
  6. Spasmotron

Feel free to provide more suggestions in the comments.

Tags: argot, fascism, film at 11, mad science

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