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In Which Your Obedient Serpent Restores His Faith in the Rimshot

The other day, we were wondering if the "CSI Yeeeaaah" had supplanted the classic "Rimshot" to underscore a pun or a punchline. I think the following exchange is definitely a rimshot:

(13:35:21) hinoki: how're you doin' otherwise?
(13:44:44) athelind: Middlin' decent. Pulling my head together, still. I'm kind of bored with that; can't I just order a functioning head from Amazon or something?
(13:45:04) hinoki: If only.
(13:45:49) athelind: Hell, if they did, I'd have half my holiday shopping done.
(13:46:22) hinoki: Heh. I'd stand in line for a new head
(13:46:41) athelind: Me, too.
(13:47:04) athelind: On the other claw, I'm not sure I'd want to announce that "I'm giving everyone head for Christmas!"

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