Your Obedient Serpent (athelind) wrote,
Your Obedient Serpent

Auto Motives Update II

The manual mentions that the light might come on if you're low on fuel, as small amounts of air can get into the fuel line and cause a misfire. Sounds like trying to start the engine with a nonfunctioning fuel pump would cause the same effect—though it's odd that it would hit 50 miles later.

Based on the manual and the Very Useful Feedback I've been getting from the Hive Mind, I'm gonna open the gas cap and re-seal it, then go check the tire pressure*, and see where that leaves me. EVERYTHING, including the manual, suggests that a) It's Nothing Urgent Or Critical and b) It May Just Go Away By Itself In A Few Days, esp. if I do those little things.

(If the light were blinking, of if it were the SERVICE light instead of "Service Engine Soon", that would be another matter.)

Consensus: If it's still shining merrily on Monday, then I'll worry.

Thanks to everyone for all the information and advice!

*My usual service station doesn't have an air hose, so I've been uncharacteristically remiss in keeping tabs on my tire pressure. Yes, this may have contributed to the blowout.
Tags: auto motives, coyote, hivejournal

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