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Activision Sues Viacom Over 'Star Trek' License

Wow, I bet the guys at West End Games wish they'd come up with that one after licensing the Tank Girl RPG.

Licensing is always a gamble. (Hell, business of any sort is a gamble.) You never know if the product you're licensing is going to be a flash in the pan or an enduring property -- and even "enduring properties" don't endure forever. Sure, like every other fan out there, I think Star Trek's been horribly mis-handled, and would have been in much better shape if they'd just listened to meeeeee, but... you've gotta admit, not a whole lot of "properties" have an almost-40-year "endurance".

Dinosorcerer and foofers like to say "That's as tired as Star Trek. I think that sums it up. So... shut up, Activision. If you'd paid attention, you'd have seen what most of the rest of the world knew already -- that Star Trek was rapidly approaching senesence.

(You know, normanrafferty can just toss a link like this up without comment. I guess I just blather.)

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