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The Spirit of Radio: Moon Brick of the 2112 HemiKilroy as Thick as a Darkside Sphere Was Here.

For the record,1 last night's musical violence2 is one of the biggest reasons why I consider the "Random Play" functions found on every portable music player, digital music software application, and even some CD players to be an abomination. Just hearing a fragment of a concept suite is bad enough; imagine track after track of those fragments, all mashed up in the wrong order.

Moon Brick of the 2112 HemiKilroy as Thick as a Darkside Sphere Was Here.

My eclectic musical tastes also encompass classical, jazz (traditional, modern and fusion), New Age, and Late '60s Psychedelic, so the results would be even more jarring than that.

But, wait! It gets worse! You see, my collection of "music" files also includes a nontrivial number of Librivox audiobooks and Numbers Station Recordings.

Most music software, of course, will try to dump every MP3 or OGG file on your system into one big "library", and Shuffle the whole damned thing.

It should now be clear why I never take part in those "set your MP3 player to Random and answer questions based on what track comes up" memes:3

What is the story of my life?
[An eerie child's voice recites a long sequence of numbers, in Czechoslovakian.]

What should I do with my life?
"We had gone perhaps ten miles when the ground began to rise very rapidly. We were, as I was later to learn, nearing the edge of one of Mars' long-dead seas, in the bottom of which my encounter with the Martians had taken place... ."

So, yeah.

1No Pun Intended.
2Thank you for the phrase "musical violence", cpxbrex.
3I don't know this person; I snagged the first appropriate result from a Google search for "random mp3 meme".

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