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The Hoard Potato: Meme du Jour

This one's going around:

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works/comics/etc and put their summaries from the TV Tropes entry, Better Than it Sounds, and have your friends guess what they are.

The original meme was to use entries directly from the page, but most everyone I read seems to be writing their own summaries. I agree with paka: this meme makes me feel stupid, and the best way around that is to do my own version!

(The original meme also specifies "No Cheating", but I hardly need to add that, since a) you can't look these up at TV Tropes, and b) the people who read my LJ, by and large, aren't assholes.)

Since this is the Do-It-Myself version, you only get eight (I may come back and round it out to ten). Movies, comics, short stories, novels, TV shows, whatever: they're all fair game. Be advised that there's at least one really egregious spoiler in this list.

Oh, and some of them may not be better than they sound....

I'll bold these as people get them, but I'll only put the answers behind a cut, so EVERYONE can play.

  1. An explosive encounter with a rebellious teen forces forces a repressed professional man to confront his inner demons in this Cold War allegory.
  2. Two small children and an adorable puppy help a career police officer come to terms with the death of his wife.
  3. A man with a debilitating medical condition risks his health, sanity and personal integrity to help a man in a dead-end job find a new direction.
  4. A long-haul rig, a cute teenager, and no gas stations in sight: Hilarity Ensues.
  5. A band of reclusive senior citizens pull the strings on an implausible series of events to bring a hard-headed cop and a stubborn nurse together. After the pair get hitched, their kids go into the family business.
  6. At the height of the Cold War, a stoic, implacable polymath and his scantily-clad companion stand against a cadre of terrorists who plot to turn advanced technology against the international diplomats of the Security Council.
  7. A beleaguered ad man neglects his family as he tries to save his failing company, but a clumsy, slobbering St. Bernard will make this summer one they'll never forget!
  8. An urban professional's civil servant's job performance becomes increasingly erratic as he becomes increasingly obsessed with his job.

  1. The Incredible Hulk, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

  2. Unbreakable, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Bruce Willis as the man in the dead-end job, and Samuel L. Jackson (the hint) as the man with the medical condition.
  3. "The Cold Equations", by Tom Godwin. This is why I'm going to Hell.
  4. The Lensman Saga, by E.E. "Doc" Smith.
  5. Batman (1966), with Adam West. Amazingly, the first one that anyone guessed.
  6. Cujo, by Stephen King. Yeah, I'm goin' to Hell, all right.
  7. Dirty Harry, starring Clint Eastwood. Nobody ever remembers that it ends with Harry throwing away his badge, because they ignored it when Magnum Force rolled around.

If you do see some of these summaries on the various TV Tropes pages at some later date, remember that Your Obedient Serpent is a regular contributor to said wiki.
I am so going to hell for some of these....

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