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Return of the Whiskers!

Some time between last night and this morning, my facial hair made the transition between "unshaved and disheveled" to "oh, he's obviously growing a goatee".

Really, the last thing I said before turning in last night was, "My beard is at the stage where my face just looks dirty." Stepping out of the shower just now, I looked in the mirror and said, "Hey, goatee."

Part of it might be that I didn't shave at all yesterday, which gave me that "coming off a three-day bender" look.

That's one reason I tend to go for a goatee when I'm in Facial Hair Mode: it takes less time to look like a Deliberate Styling Choice than a full beard does. I'm five days in, and I'm Obviously Growing A Goatee; it's neatly outlined on my face. A full beard can take a couple of weeks to get past that "just forgot to shave" point.

I have no idea how much my decision to re-beard has to do with the opening of Iron Man 2 this weekend. I've got to say that RDJr really rocks the Stark facial hair, though.
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