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Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

My vehicles name themselves, except when they don't.

My first vehicle was a '71 Chevy van, dubbed "Baby" (her full name was "Come on, Baby, please start, don't do this to me again").

A decade later, I found myself with a Camaro of similar vintage. It never really had a name besides "The Camaro".

The car I owned the longest and loved the most was, of course, my '97 Ford Aspire. I attempted to dub it something else, originally, but two different people looked at this small, round, purplish-blue thing, and proclaimed, "It's a grape!" And lo, she was indeed The Grape*.

After six months, the Saturn Station Wagon still hasn't told me her name. We're still getting to know each other, really, even though we've already had a pretty spectacular adventure together.**

I also name my computers. My first one, a 286, was named "Oracle" (after a cybernetic "Ghost in the Machine" from my early '80s Champions campaign). My second had a huge (17"!!) monitor, a huge CPU case, and an operating system that stubbornly demanded that I do things the way it wanted; I dubbed it "Colossus", and gave it a desktop theme from The Forbin Project.

"Rocinante" is my current desktop machine; it's been piecemeal-replaced over the years and now has no components in common with the original version, but there was enough continuity that I never bothered to change the name. Besides, I like it.

Rocinante's been sitting quietly for the last few months, though. My current primary machine is an Acer Aspire laptop, tentatively dubbed "Dancing Star".

I've toyed with renaming it "The Grape", in honor of my last Aspire, though.

*I need to go and tag the earlier entries about that little purple car; we had a lot of adventures over the years, and not ALL of them involved repairs. For that matter, I need to tag the entries about her ignominious demise, as well.
Dammit, I'm all misty again. I loved that little car as much as any dog or cat I've known.

**...okay, "Silver Lady" has suggested itself a few times, but I already call someone else by that name now and then, so it might be a little awkward. Of course, people name boats after their Significant Others all the time ....

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