Your Obedient Serpent (athelind) wrote,
Your Obedient Serpent

FC Approachability Meme

FC is almost here!

Your Obedient Serpent is happy and excited and looking forward to seeing everyone—but Your Obedient Serpent has had one hellacious, traumatic year, so I might be a little more bitey than expected.

When do you Arrive / Leave the con?
Possibly Thursday night. Probably Friday morning. Leave? Either Sunday night or Monday, around noon.

Where will you be staying?
Probably at home, though floor space has been tentatively offered in a friend's hotel room.

What time do you get up/go to bed?
Gods only know.

What's the best way to get hold of you?
If you have my number, text me!

Where will you be most of the time during the days?
At the Fairmont Hotel.

How old are you?
He's old enough to know what's right
But young enough not to choose it
He's noble enough to win the world
But weak enough to lose it.

Can I touch you?
No. Not without express permission. No hugs, no errant gropes, and no skritching.

Can I talk to you?

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
Certainly, but there is a risk of maudlin and/or bitter behavior.

Are you nice?
No. I am at best a curmudgeon, I am often a jerk, and, as mentioned above, I am particularly bitey this year. Raar.

Do you do commissions?
Do you do free art?
Do you do trades?

... you know, if someone is willing to do a trade with me, I am more than willing to knock out the best crude stick figure I can muster in return.

That's not an offer. That's a warning.

What suits will you have?
Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords.

Can I borrow one of your suits?
They really don't work well unless they're in a set.

What is your gender?

How tall are you?
If I were any shorter, my legs wouldn't quite reach the ground.

Can I buy you food and/or eat meals with you?
[Dragons like food!] + [Dragon is on a budget!] = [Dragons like free food!]

Can I hang with you in your room?
Haven't got a room.

Be Seeing You!
Tags: furry, further confusion, raar

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